Paco Bosch

About me

I was born in Logroño, La Rioja, in 1948. I started drawing from a young age and this activity has accompanied me throughout my life, to the point of becoming my profession. In 1968 he entered the School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi, Barcelona. It is there that I know Pilar Tell, my wife. A few years later our first daughter, Alicia (1972) was born and eight years later Arnau (1980) was born. My career as a painter is very long and has gone through different stages. I always try to paint what I like and I use techniques like watercolor, oil and acrylic in the styles that make me feel more comfortable in each moment. Currently the technique I like to use is the cake, although I still work with oils and acrylics. For me painting means enjoyment and suffering, but it has allowed me to live wonderful experiences, to visit many countries and to meet people who have become very good friends.


In this section you can see a list of all the exhibitions I have done so far.

Higashi Hiroshima Exhibition
— 2017 —
Hitoyoshi exhibition
— 2017 —
Nobeoka Exhibition
— 2016 —
Takachiho Exhibition
— 2015 —
Omura Exhibition
— 2015 —
Exhibition in Tokyo
— 2015 —
Shizuoka Exhibition
— 2014 —
Exposure Kasuya Japan, Miyazaki, Yokkaichi (April); Tosu, Suita, Kushikino (June); Fukuoka, Chiba (July)
— 2014 —
Exhibition in Saga, Higashimurayama (Japan)
— 2013 —
Exhibition in Kumamoto, Seta-Otsu, Kagoshima (Japan)
— 2012 —
Exhibition in Nobeoka, Sadowara, Munakata, Osaka, Okinawa (Japan)
— 2011 —
Exhibition in Nagasaki Saiki (Japan)
— 2010 —
Exhibition in Marugame, Takamatsu, Kochi (Japan)
— 2006 —
Exhibition in Abashiri, Nara, Tama, Tondabayashi (Japan)
— 2005 —
Exhibition in Kita-Kyushu, Shizuoka, Tokyo (Shibuya), Morioka, Karuisawa, Fujisawa, Matsuyama, Saito (Japan)
— 2004 —
Exhibition in Urawa, Chiba and Maebashi (Japan)
— 2003 —
Kurate, Kobayashi, Hiroshima, Osaka and Wakayama (Japan)
— 2002 —
Exposure Ichinomaki, Shibetsu, Tokyo (Mitsukoshi Gallery) and Sapporo (Japan)
— 2001 —
Exhibition in Saiki (Japan)
— 2000 —
Exhibition in Kamakura and Utsunomiya (Japan)
— 1999 —
Exhibition in Tachikawa (Japan)
— 1998 —
Exhibition in Yokaichi (Japan)
— 1997 —
Exhibition in Vic (Barcelona)
— 1995 —
Exhibition in Washington DC. (USA)
— 1994 —
Exhibition in Vic (Barcelona)
— 1993 —
First exhibitions in Japan: Kobe (January); Nagoya & Maebashi (June)
— 1992 —
Exhibition in Llívia (Girona)
— 1990 —
Exhibition at the Municipal Hall Alella (Barcelona)
— 1988 —
Exp. Switzerland School in Barcelona
— 1986 —
Collective at City Hall Alella (Barcelona)
— 1985 —
Exp. Inauguration of new City Hall of Vila-sacra (Girona)
— 1981 —
Exp. Sala TIP-TOP de Barcelona
— 1978 —
Collective in Museum Prov. De Logroño (La Rioja)
— 1975 —
Collective at the Higher School Bellas Artes Sant Jordi
— 1972 —


Below you will see, chronologically and with images, a selection of the exhibitions that I have done throughout my career as a painter. Stay tuned to this section, as I will be updating it with upcoming trips and exhibitions.

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